Available product grades and dimensions

Steel GradeNominal ThicknessApplication
AH32, AH3616.0Higher strength hull structural steel
A, B, D, E22.0Normal strength hull structural steel


Mainly used to manufacture the crude oil storage tank, spherical storage tank, nuclear power station, hydraulic power station, thermal power station and petrochemical projects, etc

Steel Pipeline

Mainly used to manufacture the energy transmission pipeline for oil and natural gas and other mediums.

Pipe-making steel equivalent grades between Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) and China Steel Standard (GB)

SPHT3Q235A, 20
SPHT215, Q215

Continuously hot rolled steel strip for higher toughness pipeline.

Available product grades and dimensions

Steel GradeNominal thickness in mmApplication
X70RL6.0-10.0Applicable to manufacturing of pipeline conveying petroleum by spiral seam welding processing
X60RL6.0-10.0Applicable to manufacturing of pipeline conveying petroleum by spiral seam welding processing

Steel Structure

Mainly used to manufacture the structure components in the area of building, bridge, machinery. This group includes: heavy plate for general structure, unalloyed heavy plate for structure, heavy plate for welded structure, heavy plate for building structure, high strength heavy plate for welded structure, atmospheric corrosion resistant heavy plate for welded structure, high carbon contents heavy plate for mechanical structure and heavy plate for plastic die, etc.

Unalloyed structural steel equivalent grades for Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) , European Standards (EN) and China Steel Standard (GB)

DIN17100-80EN10025:1990EN10025-2:1998CHINA STEEL STANDARDS
Fe510BS355JRQ345B, Q390B
St33Fe310-0S185Q195, Q215A, Q215B

Equivalent Grades between Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and Chinese Steel Standards (GB)

SM400AQ235A, Q235B, Q255A, Q255B, 20


Mainly used as various substrates and widely applied in automobile manufacture, cold pressing parts and structural parts, etc.

Pipe-making steel equivalent grades between Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) and China Steel Standard (GB)

SS330Q195, Q215A, Q215B, 15
SS400Q235A, Q255A

Unalloyed structural steel equivalent grades for Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) , European Standards (EN) and China Steel Standard (GB)

St52-3S355J0Q345C, Q390B, Q390C
St33S185Q195, Q215A, Q215B
St37-2, RSt37-2S235JRQ235B
St50-2E295Q275, Q345A

Selection and application of steel plate material

Material ClassificationSteel CharacteristicsTypical UseGrade Examples
Pipeline steelLow carbon content, low carbon equivalent, high purity and low impurity content, fine all around mechanical properties, low temperature toughness and welding property.Spiral welded pipe for petroleum and natural gas long-distant transportation.X60,X70, S360 X60RL
Cold Forming SteelEnough ductility to bend 180° in any directions, suitable for simple forming, bending and welding machining to manufacture parts do not require much on appearanceCommon machined parts such as gear, electric instrumentation box, hydraulic jack casing, etc.SPHC DD11(StW22)
Cold Forming SteelA better ductility than common grade and thus fit for machined parts through drawing or relatively complicated deformation.Bicycles’ collapsible, wheel rim and wheel disks, etc.SPHD DD12(StW23)
Cold Forming SteelWith better ductility than drawing grade and a better and even performance, this material can be used in manufacturing machined parts through deep drawing or complicated and drastic deformation.Automobile’s bumper, compressor unit, oil filter box, etc.SPHE DD13(StW24)
Structural SteelGuaranteed mechanical properties (strength, elongation, impact tenacity, etc.) and process performance(bending),fine welding property, fit for simply machined welded or riveted structuresBuilding structure, bridge, ships, railway vehicles, pipeline machines and other structure unitsSS400 St37-2 St52-3
Automobile Structure SteelSimilar to structural steel in properties, and besides strength also requires a better elongation etc., to ensure fine machining-forming properties, more strict in surface quality and dimension accuracy.Automobile′s girder, beam, wheel, chassis componentsAPH370 QstE420TM B510L
Corrosion Resistant Structure SteelBeside the strength properties of above-mentioned structural steel, it is also provided with fine atmosphere or sulphuric acid or seawater corrosion resistance property.Oil well platform, sea harbour buildings, oil extraction platforms, ships, vehicles, chemical and oil vessels for corrosive mediaB480GNQR NAW400 B490NQR S-TEN2 (S-ten2) MARILOYS490A (Mariloy S50A)
Mechanical Structure SteelSimilar to structural steel, and besides strength also with requirement on toughness and wear ability to fit for machinery and tool manufacturing.Chains, binder, gardening toolsS20C C35
Welded gas vessel pressure vessel steelApart from fine mechanical properties, weld ability and machining properties, there are strict requirements on plate material, thickness evenness, and steel quality to ensure a safe and reliable service under high pressure.Steam boiler equipments, welded gas vessel and pressure vessel working in high temperature placesSB410 19Mn6 SG295 B440HP

Supplying Hot Rolled Products as per international standards

JIS-Japan Industrial Standard

Standard NoGradeDescription
JIS G4051S20C,S35C,S09CK,S15CKMechanical structure carbon steel
JIS G3101SS330,SS440,SS490,SS540General structure steel
JIS G3106SM400A,SM400B,SM400C,SM490A,


Welded structure steel
JIS G3113SAPH310,SAPH370,SAPH400,SAPH440Automobile structure steel
 JIS G3116 SG295,SG325 Plate and strip for gas cylinders
 JIS G3131 SPHC,SPHD,SPHE Low carbon hot rolled plate and strip
JIS G3132SPHT1,SPHT2,SPHT3Strip for welded pipe
JIS G3136SN400A,SN400Steels for building structure

DIN-German Industrial Standard

Standard No.GradeDescription
SEW 092QstE340TM, QstE380TM, QstE420TM, QstE460TM, QstE500TMCold deformation hot rolled fine grain steel
DIN EN 10111DD11, DD12, DD13Hot rolled low carbon steel for cold forming
DIN EN 10025S235JR, S235JRG2, S275JR, S275J2G4, S355JR, S355K2G3Hot rolled unalloyed structure steel
DIN 17100St33, St37-2, St37-3, St44-2, St50-2, St52-3General structure steel
DIN 17102StE255, StE355Wieldable fine grain structure steel
DIN 17175HII, 19Mn6Heat resistant plate or strip
DIN 17200C22, C35Quenched and tempered
DIN 17210C10, C15Surface hardened steel
SEW 087WT St37-2,WT St52-3Weather proof structure steel

ASTM-American Society for Testing and Materials

Standard No.GradeDescription
A1011CSTypeA,DSTypeA,SSGrade33, HSLASgrade50,HSLAS-Fgrade50µÈHot rolled steel sheet and strip, carbon, structure, high strength low alloy, with improved formability
A36   --Carbon Structural steel
A569   --Commercial hot rolled carbon steel sheet and strip
A570Grade 33, Grade 36, Grade 40, Grade 45, Grade 50, Grade 55Hot rolled carbon structure steel and strip
A572Grade 50, Grade 55, Grade 65Low alloy high strength structural steel with Nb/V
A607Grade 50, Grade 55Low alloy high strength structure steel plate and strip with Nb/V content
A622  --Hot rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for drawing
A635  --Hot rolled carbon structure steel sheet
A715Grade 50Low alloy high strength hot rolled sheet or strip with improved formability

SAE-Society of Automotive Engineers

Standard No.GradeDescription
SAE J403SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010, SAE1012, SAE1017, SAE1018SAE carbon steel′s chemical composition

API-American Petroleum Institute

Standard No.GradeDescription
API 5LB, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80Steel for Pipeline